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June 7, 2013
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Everyone was fast asleep. Donnie fell asleep in his lab again. Leo and Raph were in their own rooms, when all of a sudden they heard screaming. It was coming from Michelangelo's room.

Donnie almost fell out of his chair, and by the time he got up to go check on Mikey, Leo and Raph were already there. Mikey was still crying and he was shaking.

"Mikey it's ok it was just a nightmare." Leo said.
"No don't take Leo or Raphie or Donnie!" It seemed like Mikey was still half sleeping and talking in his sleep.

Raph was getting worried so he started to shake Mikey to wake him up. After a few minutes of shaking Mikey and calling his name Mikey's eyes finally opened. His eyes were full of fear. "Raphie you ok!" Mikey ran and gave Raph a great giant hug. Mikey was still crying.

Leo took Mikey into his arms and was trying to calm him down. "Ok Mikey wanna talk about your nightmare?"
"Ok Leo, well I went wif you guys on patrol outside and man wif helmet wif claws on his hands who says he hates us took you and he--he killed you guys..." And Mikey started crying again but this time even harder. "It's ok Mikey, we're here it was just a nightmare and that bad man won't get us because we're brothers and we'll protect each other." Said Leo.

Leo, Donnie, and Raph had a feeling Mikey was talking about the Shredder, but Mikey didn't even know who the Shredder was, so how could that be. "Mikey just go to sleep ok?" Said Raph. "Can Raphie and Leo and Donnie tell Mikey a story?" Asked Mikey. "Of course we can" Said Donnie before Raph would refuse.

"Ok once upon a time there were three brothers." Leo started.
Donnie: " And they were different from human people."
Raph: "But different was good"
Leo: "They all loved each other very much and would always protect each other no matter what"
Raph: " One day they were spying on bad guys when they saw a baby abandoned"
Leo: "They picked the baby up and saw it was just like them"
Donnie: " One of the brothers had to carry the baby home and the baby was chewing on one of the brothers bandana"
Raph: "When the baby got to its new home the brothers took the baby to their father."
Donnie: "The three brothers asked if they could keep the baby because he was all alone and he needed someone"
Leo: "Their father said yes ad they took care of him ever since"
Raph: "From that day on they became four brothers and they vowed to protect him from anything that tries to harm him"
Leo: "They would take care of him"
Donnie: "And love him"
Leo: "They were going to be brothers forever"
Donnie: "And nothing would change that"
Raph: "As long as they lived"

When they all finished with the story they had saw that Mikey was fast asleep with a smile on his face. They quietly left and turned on Mikey's night light.

The whole time they didn't notice that Master Splinter was watching the whole time. Splinter was very proud  of his sons for coming together and creating a story for his youngest son. They were right. They would always be brothers forever and nothing would change that.
I made this fix for Culinary-Alchemist fic contest.

Mikey is 15 yrs Younger than his other brothers. Has lots of Fluff. I hope you guys like it...

Summary: Mikey has a bad dream so his brothers tell him a bedtime story...
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